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Plan, Plan, Plan!

Being a freelancer can be such a liberating career path. However without some serious planning and having some sort of structure, the stress and work load can soon weigh heavy. Check out our article ‘How To Plan Your Day as a Freelancer’ and be prepared for anything!


Work From Anywhere.

The world has changed and working from home is almost expected these days. The thing is, working from home or anywhere can be a double edged sword and can make you less productive if you don’t watch out for some potential time wasting pitfalls. Check out our article ‘Work From Home Tips For Freelancers’ to discover some fundamental tips to getting the most out of working from anywhere.



A common misconception is that being a freelancer means you no longer have to interview for a role. Well, maybe when you have all the jobs you’re ever going to need. If you’re trying to win new work then you’ll have to convince the business owner to hire you instead of a full time in-house staff member. So having your interviewing techniques down could save a lot of time. Check out our article ‘How To Present Your Best Self At An Interview’ to hone your skills and win every job!

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Look After Your Mental

Being a freelancer can often mean your work alone for long periods of time. So it’s easy to miss the signs that your mental health needs some love and attention. Check out our article ‘5 Tips to Care For Your Mental Health’ for a helping hand when trying to keep a steady mind.


Development Schedule

Having a schedule to work through as a freelancer is one of the most important things to have. It helps you to prioritise workloads, complete tasks on time and ensure you’re getting enough time for a break!



Tips are useful whether you’re a seasoned freelancer veteran or you’re just starting out.

The platform is wonderful to work with and it’s really easy to use. We love the ability to talk within the platform and have a transparent record history.

Kourosh Taher - Director

Kourosh is one of the the co-founders of Everything Digital Ltd, a digital marketing agency based in Leeds, UK.

The Freelancer Network helped me take my skills to the next level. The resources available are fantastic and I feel like they understand the true needs of a freelancer.

James Smith - Freelancer

James is a seasoned freelancer based in Nottingham, UK and works in the digital service industry.