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I’m absolutely amazed with the quality of freelancers from this relatively new platform. We posted a project and got a response quickly, from multiple freelancers based in the UK and with fair prices! Our team will definitely be using The Freelancer Network for future projects!

Kourosh Taher - Director

Kourosh is one of the the co-founders of Everything Digital Ltd, a digital marketing agency based in Leeds, UK.

I’d almost given up on using freelancer platforms, simply because most of the other freelancers I was going up against would just undercut my prices and were usually based outside of the UK. With The Freelancer Network having freelancers based in the UK, the pricing is fair and the quality of work done is at a par with what UK freelancers are known for.

James Smith - Freelancer

James is a seasoned freelancer based in Nottingham, UK and works in the digital service industry.