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Our story

Freelancer Network was started by Freelancers with a passion for freelancing.

Through our experience (over 25 years) we know that getting the job done is just part of the jigsaw required to being a successful freelancer.

We firmly believe freelancers need easy to use diverse and transparent spaces, where they can organise, collaborate, learn and share. They need processes and structures to ensure compliance, along with project management tools. There also needs to be a focus on wellbeing.

With this vision in mind, we have created a one-stop hub for freelancers with everything you need for your freelancing business and for your personal wellbeing.

Welcome to Freelancer Network

Sandra is a seasoned and successful business woman in the UK across many industries. Her early days were spent as a consultant working with high level management and is now aiming to change the landscape for freelancers in the UK.

Kyle graduated from university with a degree in business and his first thought was to use his skills and become a freelancer. After trying to do this with some of his university associates, he found that the freelancing market in the UK, wasn’t quite as fair as he expected.

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