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5 Tips To Care For Your Mental Health

Mental health is so important for everyone. When you’re a freelancer though, sometimes finding the support you need can be difficult. So here we’ve got 5 tips to care for your mental health.

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Work From Home Tips For Freelancers

Working from home is great and for some people it’s become the only way to work. Freelancer Network have some tips to keep your day as productive as it can be, when working from home.


How To Present Your Best Self At An Interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking and honestly quite daunting. The Freelancer Network is here to help you present your best self during an interview, whether this is on the phone, in person or via video call. 


How To Plan Your Day As A Freelancer

Love the freedom of being a freelancer and working your own hours but don’t know how to schedule your day? The Freelancer Network has you covered! Planning your day and working week can help you keep on top of your priorities and work-life balance.

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