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  • Test McTesty

    Graphic Designer

    11 years experience 1 project worked £150.00/hr £0 earned

    Graphic Designer 

  • Lucille Roache

    Business Startup Coach

    9 years experience 0 projects worked £50.00/hr £0 earned

    I have over 9 years of experience of coaching, mentoring and leading teams helping them to set and achieve their goals.

    I am available for the following jobs:

    Copywriting Social media strategy Business planning Content planning Strategy planning Facilitating workshops/delivering training
  • Toyosi O

    Designer, Writer, Consultant

    4 years experience 0 projects worked £40.00/hr £0 earned

    A highly valuable expert in the area of content, digital consulting, copywriting marketing and all things design and UX.

    A big 4 Consultant and Self employed business owner 

  • ED Digi

    Digital Marketing Agency

    6 years experience 0 projects worked £30.00/hr £0 earned

    Hello! I’m Ed Digi from everything Digital, I have 15 combined years of experience in everything from content to social media management. Can’t wait to collaborate on projects with you!

    Introduce yourself to the Freelancer Community here! Remember, be yourself!

  • Siân Thompson

    Content Creator and Social Media Strategist

    2 years experience 0 projects worked £20.00/hr £0 earned

    Hello! I’m Siân a Communications and Media Graduate with experience in social media strategies for a variety of clients including apparel, charities and products and services. My experience in Digital Marketing include copywriting, ad words and knowledge of SEO. Alongside professional experience, I run a skincare Instagram page showcasing my passion for skincare and photography.

  • Josef Stecyk

    Digitial Marketing Expert

    10 years experience 1 project worked £35.00/hr £0 earned

    This is a test. 

  • Thomas Hebdige

    Graphic Designer

    25 years experience 12 projects worked £35.00/hr £0 earned

    Helllo this is a test freelancer profile but im really very good at designing logos etc.. ta very much

  • Martin Harvey

    Programing & Development

    11 years experience 3 projects worked £30.00/hr £0 earned

    Howdy, I’m Martin from UK.

    With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master’s degree in Information Technology. I’m confident to handle all projects related to Web Programming and WordPress.

    Currently, I’m a Technical Manager at E & J Gallo Winery Company. At this position, I lead the development process for all major projects utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, ActionScript, Java, C/C++, and SQL Server. Additionally, I have more than 10 years working as a WordPress developer with over 150…

  • Duc Nguyen

    Full-stack developer

    6 years experience 3 projects worked £47.00/hr £0 earned

    Hi, I’m Duc Nguyen. As a full-stack developer since 2012, I have a lot of experience in web applications and programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and API’s. Besides, I also have a thorough knowledge about web services (REST, SOAP, etc.). So, I can get done most of complex and  interesting projects.

    If you hire your project for me, I will do it with 100% accuracy.

  • Morgan Melvin

    SEO Specialist

    2 years experience 1 project worked £45.00/hr £0 earned

    As a marketing executive with more than 2 years of work experience. I have a strong marketing insight and strategy background which help you promote your  product, service or brand. In addition, I can be  responsible for managing all SEO activities to help your website get higher ranking on search engines and drive high-quality traffic as well as  manage all search engine advertising such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Your success is my success and I look forward to providing…